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    I thinked I messed up the cleaning of my air filter! Help!

    Hi, I've never cleaned an air filter before, so I followed the guide on the Traxxas website. It said to soak in soapy water, dry off, and then apply oil. What I dumbly did was not dry it off and apply oil while it was still wet. Is this bad? Or is it not really a problem? Thanks

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    i would set it up for a few days and allow the water inside to evaporate.

    The oil should not trap it in. If you want to speed up the process, you can wash it again in dawn dishwashing liquid and water to remove the oil, wait for it to dry then do it again. you surely dont want that engine to suck in water.....bad things happen to the cylinderwall and piston

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    I'd just re-wash it dry it off and oil it back up... I keep 3 filters. 2 in plastic baggies all pre-oiled and clean, 1 in the R/C...
    It takes nothing to clean and oil them. No big deal... Clean it, use a rag and mash the filter in it to remove as much water as you can.. Leave it outsied to dry for about 1 hr and oil... Done.
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