Got my new aluminum shock assemblies installed last night and was looking forward to a nice long drive. Went out...broke a drive shaft. Came in replaced it with another, broken...and again broken... That's right 3 broken drive shafts in about thirty minutes. All three were from the rear two assemblies. I am running the Revo drive shaft as recommended on this forum, but I have been through about 10-15 broken shafts... Not the full assembly, but one half or the other. Honestly I'm really tired of wasting my time and money. I love my Summit, but I can't afford to keep buying and repairing the same item over and over.

I'm reaching out to you guys to see what I can do in order to remedy the situation. I am already using the Revo shafts, and I know that the Rustler parts can be retrofited in order to keep the U joints from popping out. I'm looking for a more permanent solution. I have already upgraded to the MERV RPM arms front and back. If I replace my rockers (LT) with the MERV rockers will the MERV shafts last longer? Also I understand that with the MERV RPM arms and MERV rockers, I should be able to run the steel CVDs correct? What do I sacrifice by replacing my LT rockers with MERV rockers such as these?

I read the threads about broken driveshafts and people talked about using the P2 rockers...what's the difference between LT/P2/MERV rockers?