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    that isnt a great example harry nascar/formula 1 and drag cars have no tread at all (only for rain on f 1) the smallest dif in alignment would send a nascar into wall at 214 mph. trying to aply full scale physics to these small things is tuff. not many full scale cars or trucks run 3 deg rear toe or 30 deg of front caster the would deff not stay on road setting these things up close as i can to real world physics is working realy good for me look like none of outhers everone looking at my truck trying to see how im cheating (im not) even full scale sc trucks are set up way diff. then these

    these things boggle me so much im in the pros. of building a large scale slash (one i can drive) its going to be around 1200 pounds with a 300 hp sti motor in the rear. i will post pics and a vid
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