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    Lemonbrisk scammed me!!!

    Well lemonbrisk and I decided to do a trade and he received my Traxxas Revo but I never received his part of the trade. I have contacted him various times today to try resolve this issue but he hasnt been responding. All communication was good up until today. All I ask is thathe make things right and send me back my Traxxas revo or his part of the deal.

    He also sent me a tracking number that I just found out he also sent to another user on this site. He sends pics with it all boxed up and your shipping info on it and then u never receive anything. Buyers and traders beware.

    I really dont wanna involve the authorities but I have a lot of money in my Traxxas Revo.

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    Whether you are the Seller/Buyer/Trader, when your transaction is completed please post feedback about the transaction.

    Put the trader's name in the SUBJECT line and your trading experience with this user in the MESSAGE area.

    This will help others when trading with specific users.

    If you have a problem with a Seller/Buyer/Trader please post the issue at hand, but use the pm option to get the problem resolved. Please do not post personal information of the parties involved. Once the issue gets resolved, the member needs to post the outcome of the deal. Do not use the Traders Feedback section as a means of problem solving. Chit chat is not allowed, so please use your PM's.

    Please do not leave feedback if a deal never went thru!

    Do do try to use Traders Feedback section to resolve your issues from a different forum/site. The Traders Feedback was put in place for deals that were made in the Traxxas Market Place only.

    If members refuses to follow the Traders Feedback rules, their thread/post will be deleted on the spot, and points will be issued.
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