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    Piston, which way?

    My 3.3 broke the rod yesterday, but after 13 gallons I can't complain. It's still running very strong so I'm just replacing the rod. Since the con rod was broke the piston had rotated a bit in the cylinder and I'm not sure which way the cut out on the piston skirt faces, the intake or exhaust. The exploded view doesn't show the cut out which would imply that it faces towards the intake, but I'm not sure and don't want to take any chances.

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    i replaced my piston and sleeve last year and if I remember correctly, the cutout on the piston faces the carb, hope that helps

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    The cutout faces the carb +1 AND there's an oil hole on the conrod, it too faces the front....
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    Do it right and replace the sleeve and piston too, if the conrod broke, you will most likely have a bad engine after you change the conrod only, if you read up on how important these parts are in an engine, you will see what I mean. The slightest scratch on the sleeve or piston will make it run like crap if you will get it going, or if you know what flaws to look for, make it happen.
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