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Thread: New stampede ?

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    New stampede ?

    I am thinking of building a stampede 4x4 from the ground up and was wondering if there are any places that sell the complete set of screws and the front and rear gear boxes already assembled.

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    You can get a full set of screws from Tower Hobbies

    May seem like a lot but they are stainless and won't rust...

    Not sure about gear boxes

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    You can buy assembled diffs from ebay. It will most likely be cheaper to just buy a roller from ebay or find a used pede in good condition. I recently purchased a brand new pede with a ton of upgrades for around $250. About $150 less than what it would cost to build. You just have to be patient if you go the used route. Building from scratch is fun, but usually not cost effective.

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    ^^+1 i would say pick up a good roller off ebay and start from there and get the esc and motor of choice and servo then pick your own driveline mods and then get some good wheels and tyres Job done .....peace
    Famous last this!!!!

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