First off let me start out by saying Wow..... This is a completely different Truck. It amazed me on how much better the Truck performs now. No more body roll issues in the corners witch allows a lot more speed entering the corner and no more tail swop exiting the corner. These Trucks have a hard time going in a straight line under full throttle in medium to rough terrain now the Truck just soaks it up and remains under full control.My best friend has the exact same truck as I do so it was easy to see the difference in a side by side comparison. No matter who drove my Truck it would just walk off and leave the other one. Needless to say we will be ordering this kit for his in the near future.....As far as the kit goes the only thing that didn't work was the rear shock tower and I used my stock one and you need to drill lower shock mount holes in the rear A arms because the A arms have the holes on the front side for the electric Slash. One other thing I would strongly suggest is the Pro 2 axles. They match the longer length of the rear A arms and are a nice upgrade over the stock ones........ So if your thinking about adding the Pro 2 Kit to your Truck it will be money well spent.