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    Ultra Shocks rebuild question

    Hi guys,

    I am in the process of replacing one of my E-Maxx's Ultra Shocks, since it was bent after a crash. Given the opportunity I decided to rebuild the rest of the shocks as well. The replacement kit (contains two Ultra Shocks) includes four extra blue o-rings (you can see two of them at the left part of picture 4) that the instructions do not describe their use. These o-rings are different from the ones that are installed at the bottom of the shocks. In the past I tried to install one of them in the inner part of the shock (picture 2), but now that I opened all of them, I saw that it was torn apart (picture 3: torn one / new one).

    Does anyone know, what are they used for?

    Thanks in advance...

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    I think the round O-rings are for the older style Ultra Shocks. I have them in my Big Bores and my old 3906 Ultra Shocks.
    You should have gotten two large c-clips that you can't use and those are for the Big Bores.

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