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    Which way to go??

    So I've decided to put together another Slash 4x4. I just bought a Platinum and like it a lot. In fact I'm going to give it to my stepson so we can run together... thus a second Slash is needed.

    We mostly do dirt or street bashing, a little track time here and there but no official racing. I want something FAST that will stay together on 3S. 60+. Wondering which way I should go. Motor, ESC and gearing choices seem to be almost overwhelming. Ultimate? Platinum? eBay roller? There's 10 different flavors of eBay rollers out there.

    I want a gear train that will stay together and like I said, I want to go FAST when I want to go fast and just run around the track when I want to do that. I'm just not sure which way to go. Looking for ideas. I can afford to spend some money but I'm not the federal government with my own printing press either.


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