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    Cooling - confused!


    I have another post concerning the use of 3s lipos and most answers talk about heat and to ensure cooling.

    I look at the available cooling options at Traxxas website and find an esc fan for the slash 4x4.

    I also have a merv to which Traxxas have a motor heat sink, which I have bought. But no esc fan.

    Why this inconsistency?

    Why only a heat sink available for the merv and only a esc fan for the slash 4x4?

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    You can get a cooling fan for the motor from integy. Thats what most people use and are happy with it.

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    I bash with Castle mmp sct on 3S. One thing I found to help is I Use hole punch kit from an automotive gasket maker kit I have at work to put holes in the right side of grill and front windshield to direct fresh air towards motor and esc. Don't even need motor heat sink any more. Esc fan came mounted and it hardly ever comes on any more.

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