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Thread: Motor timing

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    Motor timing

    I'm getting a mmp and a lrp x20 10.5t motor for racing. The guy at My lhs recommended I run a 10.5t at the local track but I've never had a motor rated in turns so I have no idea what kind of power it Will have compared to a Traxxas velineon. I'm just afraid it won't have the power I need. My question is how much does timing affect power? For as long as I have been in this hobby I have never messed with timing.
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    Adding more timing is just like adding more Kv to the motor. You will get more power in a predetermined powerband, and have a higher rpm overall. All this comes at the cost of some efficiency though i believe.

    One important note. Increasing timing increases rpms, therefore it is possible to over-speed your engine. So if your running the motor at the edge of it's voltage range (and therefore rpm range), then you may want to be a little more conservative with the timing.

    I believe the 10.5 turn motor will be more powerful than a velineon, and should be plenty of power for most small to mid size tracks. If your gonna be racing I suggest a different esc though. The mmp is mainly for sensorless operation IMO. And it has a weak BEC. I'm running a Tekin rs gen2 and love it. It has an adjustable BEC output up to like 8 volts
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    Specs for your motor....


    RPM 26640
    Weight 165g
    kV 3600
    Power 321
    Magnet material Sintered 12.45mm
    Voltage input 3.7-11.1V
    Winding Star (Multistrand Copper Winding)

    Close to the Velineon as far as kv, should be a good motor for the track. Learning as much as I have lately I probably would have opted for the 17.5/2000kv to accent the MMP.
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    The LRP 10.5 should be overall comparable to the Velineon. Main thing you'll notice is that the sensored LRP motor will be much smoother and easier to drive on the track.

    As far as timing goes, it's pretty simple. Basically, the more timing you add, the higher RPM the motor will turn. The downside is that the motor will run hotter. You can adjust timing through the esc or you can also change timing inserts on the motor. The X-20 will come will several timing inserts. They are marked with different dots to identify they're timing. Simple to change. Just unscrew the plastic end bell cover and swap the insert. I've never had a need to change them, but they're kinda cool to have anyway. I usually set timing through my esc, but not sure how well that works with the mmp.

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