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    TQi - Full Throttle dies

    Hi all,

    I'm using the TQi with an iPhone 4S on my Spartan Traxxas. The last 3 times I have taken the boat out I squeeze the throttle. All is good until I go past 3/4 throttle, then the speed dies as if the low voltage detection has kicked in.
    I've tried thinking back to anything I have done out of the usual, but can't think of anything. I did a re calibration of the Throttle trigger, but nothing. Does any one know which one of the driving effect parameters might be responsible for this? Or any other ideas.

    Many thanks

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    I would do a complete radio reset... not 100% sure how on a TQi though.

    Whenever I had issues with my LINK I would follow the instructions for a factory reset and then rebind and recalibrate. It solved the issue 90%+ of the time.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    Hi it might be your spartan I had same issue only ever used my spartan on 4s until my 6s turned up but when i put my 6s in it run like you have said great until 3/4 with mine it turned out the esc was set incorrect at factory but when I sent it back to traxxas it was fixed but few runs later it burnt out had to Waite 4 months then for a replacement esc hope this helps

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