OK I am trying to understand the engine/drivetrain of my future tmaxx 3.3 that I will be buying. Does this truck have a torque converter sorta deal by the tranny or is the clutch bell thing shown on page 13 of the manual? Does that clutch bell ever wear out and will need new parts as tmaxx gets used? Also on page 13 of the manual that one small gear on the crankshaft on the end is that the gear that spins on the spur gear? Is the spur gear part of the transmission gear? To regear for more torque and less speed do I have to get a more teeth spur gear and lesss teeth spur gear for more top end speed but less torquey? do I have the spur gear understanding correct? That one small gear at the end of the crankshaft is that fixed or can it be changed for more top end speed or for more low end torque? Thanks for my simple questions. I just want to learn about the tmaxx.