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Thread: better shafts

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    better shafts

    ok I ran the stock shafts with my tm523 and broke all the time for the traxxas steels and I twist them and they bend are there any better shafts
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    Mip cvd's are strong enough for my zr.30x
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    Traxxas summit shafts are the best option hands down that's what myself and many others use on our e-Revo brushless I was snapping traxxas Cvds every time I drove the truck just go much torque but summits are amazing

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    I have some dynamite ones,
    not sure if they are any good, they seem to be doing ok on the 3,3 but I just put a couple of spares I had laying around on my erebe because I kept snapping my stock plastic ones, so Ill soon see how they cope on 6s, if they survive that they will survive anything.. but If these guys are breaking the traxxas ones I am unsure they are gonig to be much better.. worth a try though.

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