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    VXL Problems..Help me out?

    Alright so i have 2 VXL 3s systems. One i got for xmas this year and the other the year before. The oldest one today was in my slash and i flipped it and i lost everything. (figured the bat came unplugged) I went to it and everything was fine but it would not turn on. i unplugged everything and plugged it back in and still will not turn on. its not sticky button syndrome cuz i basically tore the button apart. About 10 minutes later it turned back on for about 2 minutes then died. Would you say its fried?

    My newest vxl system lost reverse. then i got reverse back and forward is lost and so on and so on. But i never power. just the throttle and reverse. Idk what is up with that.

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    The old one send back to traxxas and get a replacement as for the the new one you might have changed the settings I do it all the time but if it still doesn't work send it in to and get it replace if you soften them up it will most likely be free I broke my shaft and got a brand new free motor
    Traxxas Slash 2wd Vxl

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