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    Car Enthusiasts what would you look for?

    I have now an 03 Forester x, not the exciting XT.

    The XT would be nice, but I don't see spending money to get the same car I already have in a different color with a more powerful engine. So I am trying to decide what I will be looking for in the future.

    Rear seat must fit a car-seat without moving the front seats-very important to me.

    Needs to be fun to drive at least a hint of performance.

    I would really like a manual transmission, but its not "required".

    Nothing that I can't fix myself with basic tools and a scanner and access to a bigger more powerful snap on one as well.

    No requirement of being new, in fact, new will not be happening...but not so old that I would be worrying about having to replace an engine, transmission, or differential.

    Finally some power, 300hp or better.

    Also, decent fuel economy I'm looking at around 30MPG hwy and 20 city there abouts.

    With all the autophiles on this site I figured this would be a great place to ask and please comment on brands as well that you would avoid, cost of paint and bodywork, anything and everything that you yourself look at when deciding on a purchase like this.

    My considerations so far,

    Hyundai Genesis
    2010+ Subaru legacy

    Edit-forgot to add another important requirement-NO FWD-AWD or RWD.
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