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    Does this look reuseable?

    Hey everyone!

    So I'm in the process or rebuilding an engine I picked up for pretty cheap. And does this cooling head look okay to reuse? In the picture where the glow plug goes it is slightly rough and you can see it on the top left of the piston as well. What do you think would cause that? And should I sand it a little bit to smooth it out?

    I just want to make sure the cooling head isn't going to mess the new piston & sleeve.

    Thanks in advanced!

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    Looks like there's been some pitting on the head and the top of the piston, but, I can not see if there is any skirt damage, fi the skirt is fine and there's no heavy grooves the piston may be OK to use with the sleeve...

    But if you can push the piston to where it is even with the top of the sleeve or past that... Time to replace them..
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