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    I have a question about the car I'm getting.

    I'm getting the Ken Block 1:16, and I was wondering what I can put on it so it's competitive in the dirt.

    Do I just need the tires or what?

    Give me everything I need to know for the question.

    I was originally going to get the 1:16 Rally VXL, but this was the only car in stock here. I want to make it competitive with the VXL. What do I need to do?

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    All you really need are off road tires that are roughly the same diameter as the stocks so that they don't rub on the wheel wells
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    The only difference is the body. And when you say "competitive in dirt", do you mean a flat dirt track? Because you can't expect this car to go off jumps designed for SC trucks and buggies.
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    you need to either take the limiters out of the shocks or get 1/16 e revo shocks, so you will have enough ground clearance
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