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    what's the difference between the rally, and ken block 1/16

    I'm looking to buy a ken block but its 100 more $$ then the rally. But the mustang, the raly and the fiesta look all the same under the body someone please help

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    Other than the body, maybe the wheels, and possibly the power plant/controller, nothing.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    Ken Block has green pushrods/toe links and the others have red.
    Ken Block has licensed green Volk TE37s where as others do not.
    And of course the Gynkhana body. (which comes in both brushed, and brushless versions)

    If your debating on which to get, get the Ken Block if you're lucky enough to find one left behind at a LHS. Otherwise I see them going for $370+ new (for brushless), and just a Rally VXL is $270 or so new.

    Biggest difference, the Ken Block body is discontinued, so its technically a "Limited Edition" now
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