Hi all,

While running my Brushless E-Revo using the Traxxas app, I keep a close eye on the voltage to ensure it does not dip below 3 volts.

I had been driving my E-Revo moderately for about 30 minutes on 2 x 2s lipos and the starting voltage was around 16 volts, then gradually it dipped down to about 14 over the 30 minute period (this is all according to the dashboard readouts on the Traxxas Link app). Suddenly the car lost power, acceleration became poor and there was a significant drop in speed. I stopped immediately and am worried I may have damaged the lipos.

The part I'm confused about is that the voltage never went below 14 volts.

Can anyone offer some clarity? Also, the low voltage alarm did not go off even though I believe it is on.

When people say you should not discharge lipos below 3 volts, do they mean PER CELL? If so, then does this mean the readout of 14 volts from the Traxxas app is the total voltage received from the 4 cells in a 2 x 2s lipo configuration? If so, I can see why the vehicle lost power since 14 volts divided by 4 cells is 3.5 volts.

I hope I got lucky and didn't sponge my lipos.