I know I'm making a second post, but this is my first RC car, and it's sick as ****.

I have a series of questions that I want to ask for it.

1. How do I adjust ride height? My Roomate's 1:10 Slash was easy to adjust, how to do it on this?

2. What do I do with this gear thing that my car came with?

3. What bodies fit this car?

4. I know you can upgrade the batteries to get hour long running sessions. What can I do to get that?

5. About the above question. How long will those dual batteries take to charge?

6. How can I make it the same as the Rally VXL? I know I need those Rally Tires, but what else?

7. How do I remove the tires and put them back on?

8. How can I make it go 50mph?

9. How long will these slicks last?

10. Are replacement parts easy to come by?

11. Is the body replaceable?

Sorry for all the questions, but I just want to cover everything. Glad to have some help with this, I love it.