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    T-Bone Racing bumper set

    I received my T-Bone Racing bumper set a couple of weeks ago and finally had a chance to install it. I take to heart

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    I say this all the time and I know some dont agree, but if you find you hit things with the front of the car its my opinion that the Tbone front bumper isnt a good idea. The foam bumper is meant to absorb impacts. Yes, the body gets a little beat up, but with the reports of chassis breakage in the front I wouldnt want anything hard transferring the force of an impact directly to the chassis.
    but we'll see what happens. From strictly an appearance point of view, I think they look great.

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    They do look awesome. Cant argue that.

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    I got the front and rear installed on mine. Love it. It added a little more "fun" when it cuts through the sandy bumps where I like to run mine at.

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    Those bumpers look pretty sweet. I wonder I could mod it to fit on my Rusty.
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