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Thread: Emaxx Glitching

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    Emaxx Glitching

    My emaxx is always glitching out, when its on the ground it goes forwards or backwards without me doing anything and when i hold it in the air and steer it turns the motors. Whats wrong? Im probably going to sell it but just wondering whats wrong, let me know if you want to buy it, it has an rpm front bumper, hotracing alloy bulkhead, 2.4ghz. its the extended newer chassis. In gotta sellit

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    sounds lile either your getting interference or your reciever is damp and causing it to short.
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    What version E Maxx do you have?

    True 3906 and 3905 version have the older 27 MHz radio system that can be affected by interference.

    The 2.4 ghz radio in the 3903 and 3908 are far less prone to interference. The stock 3903 Titan motors have capacitors soldered on them to block electric "noise". You could have broke solder connections.

    Bad servos have been known to wreak havoc on the E Maxx electronics. Trouble shot them and see if the glitch goes away.

    Weak batteries in the transmitter will make a truck glitch. Also a bad transmitter will make a truck glitch.

    Hope this helps.

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    You could have the servos plugged in to the ESC plug and vice verse

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    Sounds like damp receiver or dodgy steering servo.
    Unplug the steering servo and drive the truck forward and back if it's ok it is the servo, if it still plays up chances are it is the receiver.
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