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    Full size versus the mini......

    Okay, so I still haven't even gotten all the parts I've ordered for my merv; however, I know my four year old is going to lose it this summer when he sees the gravedigger body on it. My thought is that I may gear it down so it's slower or keep it in training mode and let the little man play with that while I play with a new one.... My question is this, are the e-revo 1/10 and or the summit 1/10 any more or much more complicated to work on, play with, or upgrade....? I had a revo 3.3 but got rid of it because I spent more time tuning it and trying to keep it running than I did running it so I want to be sure that if I drop the cash on another full size rc it is one that I am going to feel like I can use versus be a dust gatherer or money pit. What are you thoughts guys??? If I do decide to go to the 1/10 scale is the summit or the revo a better investment??

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    Depends on how/where you drive. I would get the revo good handling, jumping and bashing but diffs are still weak
    Easy to work on. Shimming the diffs will help as proper clutch adjustment and good driving habits!
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