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    NEED A Brushless ESC ASAP!!!

    I am looking to buy a new speed control for my brushless E-MAXX. I bought it as a brand new roller, the seller took the original mamba monster ESC and motor out for a different truck, and installed a crappy hobbywing ESC linked to a brushless 9T4300kv motor. Motor is good, but I have it sold to a guy bc its not right for this truck. Ive been in touch with everyone I know in the RC world. I cannot afford to purchase a new mamba monster setup new, but if anyone has an ONYX brushless setup that will power this truck PLEASE TEXT ME!
    -Greg 810-882-7111

    ANY help finding a system is much appreciated guys! Thanks

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    mmm on ebay. 250.00 for motor and esc?

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    Look out for the tree/crunch!

    LiPo? Naw NITRO!!

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    That's a rebadged hobbywing esc and maybe a leopard motor as well. If you,look at the sc8 wp esc and this one you will see what I mean. Could be duratrax is better quality but price hike to me doesn't cut it if I was buying a system. I would save more for the castle or go with a xerun hobbywing motor 1/8 and sc8 or 150a esc from them can be bought cheaper than that shipped. I know you said something about the hw what didn't you like about it?
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