Can anyone help me figure out what length antenna tube I should be using? I called a certain support line not mentioning any names, but after that call to Traxxas I知 even more confused. I知 running a T Maxx 4909 rebuilt from the ground up, not one part is original I have turned this truck into more of a show piece. Here is the deal I知 running a 2.4 TQI w/base and the complete telemetry wire harness, the system works, but... I知 using the smaller blue antenna tube that came with the first new receiver box bought. I must mention that now I知 using an aluminum Integy receiver box, would this metal interfere with the signal? When I run the car I can only go about 25 yards and the system goes into failsafe. The first problem I came across was that the antenna wire broke inside the receiver. I went on eBay and bought a second, now it is hooked up and ready to roll. But first I want to make sure I use the proper size tube, I like the look of the smaller tube, but I heard today that I should be using the big one. I was told that my truck was designed for the smaller tube. Someone please explain what that means, because I have replaced every part on this truck how does it know what it was programmed for? The confusing thing to me is why there is so much extra antenna wire on the 2.4 receiver, and then they supply such a small tube? The problem could be in the broken wire I found, but I still want to know why they said that my car was not programmed for a smaller tube, and why they have so much antenna wire on the 2.4 receiver?