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    MiniRevo slow acceleration

    Hi All,

    Need some help. My son has a mini revo for about a month now and runs it on pavement. Everything is stock. The car has become very slow and very slow to accelerate as well. When running from a fully charged battery, the car's top speed would be slow. Then after about 5 - 10 minutes of running the top speed would increase to what is was before. I've noticed that the battery becomes very hot during after use. Today I noticed it's very hot with in 3 minutes. And the car's hard able to move.

    The ESC (xl-2.5) is NOT hot. I also measured the voltage coming out of the xl-2.5 WITHOUT the motor connected and it measured to be what the battery was at full throttle.

    What could it be? The ESC or the battery or something else? What else could I check?

    Edit: Also if I have XL-2.5 connected to the motor out of the gear box, I notice that the motor does fail to spin sometimes. Then it must be either the ESC or battery. Hopefully it's the battery...

    Thanks in advance!
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