Hello All,
This is my first time posting. I've been in this hobby for a few months now and like everything else I get involved in, I have to completely re-engineer the wheel. So please bear with me and please don't criticize me for my Frankenstein attempts....... I was looking online and stumbled across an aluminum frame conversion kit from "Hot Racing" and thought it would be neat to try. I have my 1/16 running about 65 to 67 MPH right now with a lot of testing and modifying left to do. According to the description it will keep the same width and extend the front to rear wheel base to the traditional touring car length. Not only does this increase the styles of bodies available to me, but my 1/16 right now it squirrelly at top speeds. So, long story short I am thinking the increase in wheel base will decrease the squirrellyness ( as if that's a real word ). It's 100.00 for the kit. Is it worth the money and is there anything I may be missing or unforeseen problems I might have to deal with? Thoughts Please.................. be nice tho
Also, the car started out as a Gymkahna and was upgraded to a merv driveline for stability. Everything else has been upgraded for the 1/16 Rally.