Hey all, I've been looking at the Traxxas Funny cars and we have been doing a little RC Drag racing (heads up just for fun runs) and have been wanting to build a Dragster for a while now. My pops decided to go with a VXL Rustler so to be equally competitive with him I chose a VXL Bandit. I picked the Bandit for a couple reasons. 1. I have always liked the look of the buggy style bodies and for those of you who follow NHRA Top Fuel you will notice aside from length, how similar they look with the introduction of the canopy last year. 2. I'm hoping for a little down force at higher speeds with the wing (not 100% set on the stock wing) 3. To give it more of the "Top fuel" look, I liked how much more narrow the Bandits rear a-arms are.

Now I know what you are thinking....... "For the money spent, why not just buy a FC?" Well i'm glad you asked, Traxxas did the R&D on the funny car already, part of this project for me will be getting to do it myself and have an excuse to do a custom build. Plus i'm hoping to end up with a decent speed run car in the future.

I found a brand new VXL Bandit (2407) On eBay and won the auction for $227.16 to the door. I took a gamble buying it because the listing said "We tested with the included battery, but will need a new motor" Turns out the ESC was just in LVD and training mode. Not a single thing wrong with it. This thing was never driven and came boxed just like you would have gotten it from the hobby store.

I've been doing more building then posting so I'm starting the thread a little late but more to follow.