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    Stupid question and I'm too lazy to count but how many bearings are there in a 4907 Maxx 3.3? I would like to replace my front axle bearings and I found this kit and I'm wondering if it would cover all the bearings in the truck.

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    I would go to Boca Bearings or Avid Bearings. I do believe Boca bearings has them in kits, don't buy some cheapy bearing kits you will not be happy in the long run...

    Best bet, I like Avid Revolutions, just pop open the exploded views and write down the bearings sizes and quantities... The revolutions use 1 metal shield and 1 rubber shield, much more efficient, you just place the metal shield to the clean side of where the bearing faces.... Example a wheel, face the rubber seal to the outside and the metal seal to the inside...

    I did exactly that, front to back bearing install with Avid revolutions. I actually got 1-2 more laps before having to pit once I installed them... Not kidding... Well worth it..

    I wouldn't use any other name brand bearing,,, OK Traxxas when in a pinch. But THAT's it...
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    +1 For the Avid bearings. They are only $1 a bearing! I have them on my Summit, and I love them. No issues yet!
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