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    Question about lipo after crash

    So I Crashed my slash at 80MPH into a curb. It was not pretty, but damage was actually not too bad. The chassis exploded though and sent my brand new 4S 50C 5000MAH hardcase Venom Lipo airborne and when it landed the case cracked. Now I have been watching the lipo to see if there were any changes with it, if it caught on fire, or any kind of puffing going on. The internal packs look good from what I can see, but the case is cracked. Would this be a Lipo I could still use or is it just money down the drain? I am afraid to hook it up before I get some feedback on if I should or not.

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    Well, I'm pretty new when it comes to LiPo batteries, but if I've learned one thing it's not to mess with a damaged LiPo. These things are dangerous even when they're not damaged. I wouldn't use it.

    Yes, I'm probably playing the devil's advocate here and, yes, the battery may in fact be completely fine. I tend err on the side of caution when it comes to things like this. Unfortunate, but having this thing explode on you or the car would be even worse.

    One of these other guys may give you different advice. Just my two cents.

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    I just had the same thing happen with my spc lipo pack. I was advised by the manufacturer to dispose of it, which I agree with. Contact venom and see if they will do anything for you.
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    Im not one to argue with the recommendations of the experts at SPC but if the cells themselves arent damaged (not %100 sure how youd check this) you could just tape the case back up. Ive had a case come apart on me and I just got a new case and put it back together. But, if the cells ARE damaged, you could be playing with literal fire. So its up to you.

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    Is there a place where you can get a standard size hard case? I have a case where one of the tabs has a tiny crack in it.
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    Spc told me my cracked lipo was fine to use, just tape it up. As long as your actual cells aren't damaged the case is just that a case it does nothing aside from protecting the cells from puncture.
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    Spc told me my cracked lipo was fine to use
    I find that very hard to believe and think there must have been a misunderstanding some where. Using a damaged lipo is VERY dangerous and having after having talked with Tom from SPC many times am sure he would advise the same,,,"DO NOT USE A DAMAGED LIPO"

    Use your best judgement but please error on the side of safety.

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