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Thread: Reverse servo

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    Reverse servo

    Ok. Brand new revo. Never been started, I was installing upgraded steering rods tonight and while I was aligning the tires I flipped it into reverse....and nothing, when I flip the red button into drive the reverse servo hums steady but does nothing. Flip it into reverse and the servo goes quiet.

    The servo is warm to the touch. I have removed the arm and the tranny shifts manually fine. Servo does nothing while detached

    Thoughts anyone. When I got it in dec everything functioned fine. It's been sitting since.

    Thanks for any input.
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    chect ur connection to the traxxas link for that servo is in chanel 3 i think thats shift if its buzzing theres power going to the servo so id assume its secured just fine open the servo and i bet uve stripped or have a snapped gear in there its simple just undo the 4 really small screw on the underside of the servo carfully they are fragile and i seem to snap them really easy so dont over tighten them when re installing them put a pic of the gears when u open it if u decide to check them

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