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    Missing threads???

    I am very active in the traxxas electric forums. For the last 6 mo or so, I have been noticing that I will see a thread that is 3 or 4 days old pop up, and even though I have been very active in that particular section, is has not been on my screen. I was thinking at first that I was missing them, but more and more thinking that "strange things are afoot at the Circle K, Ted"...

    Yesterday, a member posted a link to one of his other threads, and because I knew that the topic he was describing had not been there, I went to the thread list and there was nothing there. I then went to that members profile page and the thread was not in his list of recently started threads...also he was a member with many posts so it could not be a new member waiting for a mod to aporove his 1st posts.

    I went back to the link, clicked it, and it magically popped up in both the forum thread list, and on his profile list. It was 2 days old with multiple posts.

    Whats going on???
    How many threads have I never seen???
    Anyone else experiencing the Traxxas Bermuda Triangle???
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