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    Angry Please Help me with Revo remote

    Hi all, I have a revo 3.3 with the 2.4 ghz remote! I tuned my revo yesterday and all was fine, today when I tried to do some more tunes my revos remote keeps on flashing red.....I changed all the batteries and battery pack in the truck...nothing works. I even did the whole reset proses but it still flashes green light do u guys think it could be a wire inside the remote that came loose? Please Help!!!!
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    sounds like u might have hit the one of the buttons and have accidently gone into the menu tree options just turn off the controler keep ur fingers on both set and menu buttons then turn on ur remote release both set and menu buttons the red light will still flash after u release the buttons press set then the transmitter will return back to factory settings and ull get a solid green light again
    warning tho this resets the transmitter to factory settings i assume ur revos stock if u have got ur revo if u have reversed servos or nething the settings will now have been deleted so u will need to re adjust your settings prior to this transmitter reset hope this works for you

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