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    Finally got my mini e revo working again. Bought a brand new receiver and my range is back

    I still can't peg full throttle on the MERV, its just too quick!

    did a couple rolls, heard a clicking. Noticed rear left tire looked out of wack

    Stock knuckle was broken. So now I am in need of knuckles. I just need to find a good brand. I'm thinking of GPM Knuckles.

    I'm trying to make this a bulletproof MERV, so I am looking for THEE best. This thing is simply not stable enough for me to hit full throttle and expect the truck to go uniformly. Even at 25MPH, a full throttle peg will result in a wheelie. If its not a wheelie, than I'm not getting grip as I can see the rear end fishtail looking for grip. And sometimes it fishtails so much that it gains side to side momentum leading the truck to eventually roll.

    So help me out
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