So my first nitro was a Jato 3.3 and now I have a Savage XL and a T-Maxx.
I kind of inherited the T-Maxx and when I did I was amazed that it runs a very tight race with my 5.9 Savage.
Since then the Savage has undergone pretty extensive modding, ERCM Picco, ERCM pipe, LST shocks,
steering servo upgrade, Ofna throttle mod, mod'd TVP's and other minor tweeks. All that because a T-Maxx embarrassed
When I first considered a monster truck, here in the Houston area, I noticed everyone has a Savage. Honestly, I've never
seen a Revo 3.3 in action. I just can't help but imagine though what one can do if a T-Maxx could hang with my stock
I guess what I'm doing here is just soliciting encouragement and or any "first thing you need to do to a Revo is... ".
Thanks for either