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    imex road dawg tires

    A buddy of mine gave me the imex road dawg tires and rims they look like big foots rim from the monster truck was wondering what gearing I should run with these tires since they are going on a 12 turn motor and doing a lot of jumping and bashing

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    I like to run 12/90 on titans
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    The Imex 2.8 tires are big and much heavier than trenchers. Run the smallest pinion you can find with the 90t spur, the 12 tooth may be too big to keep temps low on that motor...
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    I dont think they are 2.8". "Road Dawgs" were for the T-Maxx and are even bigger than the 2.8" wides. So low gearing will be a must to run them with the Titan 12T. But there were some in the 2.2" class that said "Road Dawg" even though they were pulling tires. Those would be like running Mashers.
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