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    Digital remote/analog servos

    I recently upgraded to a futaba 3pl 2.4 digital remote. I'm still running stock 2075 servos. I believe there analog servos will there be a problem with my remote vein digital. I novice there running twice as fast. There is no settings to switch off to analog.

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    2075 servos are digital.

    A digital radios system like the Futaba has all sorts of settings including how fast a servo responds.

    I'd say give it some time, and you might want to check with other forums that are not "Brand Specific" where people can help you with dialing in your digital system...

    Unfortunately this is a Traxxas owned forum, so as far as supporting how to set up your radio is not supported on this site....

    But to answer your question your Radio and your servos are digital, and no, there is no analog/digital switching of the radio system.
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