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    T-Maxx 4910 to E-maxx (Parts List)

    So I figured since I did a ton of research trying to gather as much info as possible on this conversion and not finding exactly what I was looking for all in one, I would put together some information for people wanting to research and find this information as helpful as it may be. Please add your input as to what other information may be helpful

    I had a 2.5 4910 T-maxx I picked up for a great price and just did not like the performance of the 2.5 along with the continually adjusting and cleaning and not to mention I could'nt drive the truck where I wanted due to waterproofing issues.

    I tore the truck down and built my own motor mount paired up with a 2000kv 4pole motor and 120amp waterprrof esc with .8mod 19, 17 and 23 tooth pinion on the stock 72 tooth spur on a single 3s 6400c lipo pack.

    Here are some parts you will require.

    These two are a must if you are wanting to run the t-maxx trans and utilize the esc for forward and reverse.
    Single Speed Conversion - 5193x
    Forward Only - 4994x
    Have not had any issues as of yet with this modification

    Be advised when you do upgrade to a brushless, the first thing you will break due to the sheer torque are the weak CVD's. I have not had any issues with the stock driveshafts as of yet but the rear axles are a must.

    T-maxx 2.5 CVD's can be hard to come by and this is what I used

    5451R. With these Traxxas CVD's, you will require the following
    5143 turnbuckles
    5347 rod ends
    5355 hollow balls
    5120 12x18 bb
    5117 6x12 bb
    5378 pivot ball caps/dust boots
    2580 3x20 turnbuckle screws
    4933 pivot balls/bushings
    5334 l & r axle carriers

    This is an option but the stock T-maxx shocks were quite soft and I ran some 90wt mixed with the stock and have a really nice ride.

    You can get a nice motor mount from for around $30.00 but for those that like to tinker, I am sure you can manage to fabricate your own.....

    All in all I am about $180.00 for motor/esc combo,$40 for single speed and forward only conversion, $35.00 for cvd's, and to run the cvd's $55.00 along with $60 for the 3s 6400c.

    I was doing back flips and running about 40mph on this setup before the stock t-maxx axle broke. All in all $370.00 for a tough *** truck.....WHY do people go to this extent alot ask? Because I personally Would love to run this beside a $700.00 E-maxx to see the difference and although I am still in testing stages with gearing, I am certain I can and will blow the tires off a stock $700.00 E-maxx the way it sits. More tweaking and running two 3s packs in series, CRAZYYYYY.........

    My next hop up maybe some grippier tires as the stock t-maxx slip up quite a bit but are good enough to start with
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