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    MIP Clutch how's it better?

    Ok so I got one of the MIP clutch kits. The spring is kind of a pain but got it on there. My question is how is this clutch better than the stock one? I compared them side by side and can really see no difference. Same width, same material etc etc.

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    It looks like the same material but to be honest, there are differences, also slight differences in the amount of contact the clutch shoe makes.... The ability to use the outer mounting hole is also a plus for those who like engaging their clutch at higher rpm's for that hole shot....

    I've raced with the MIP clutches since 2005, for a small block they are all I will use....

    Trick is mounting that spring, unwind it a bit then weave it into each other, where the two ends meet put that on the center of one of the shoes, not near the posts and definitely not in the space between the two shoes... Placing the spring the way I am recommending is the area that get's the least amount of heat and stretching....
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    3 shoe clutch for revo by hot racing... Never looked back...

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