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    Adding weight / weights to the wheels for better crawling traction

    Quote Originally Posted by BAMAFAN View Post
    Ok so in my build thread I made some bumpers and put some stick

    weights inside of it. After receiving my new Axial beadlocks (part #AXI8042), I decided to

    go a different route. Pictures will explain all. There is a lip on the inside of the rim

    they will rest up against. I will be posting pics of rims and tires on truck later in my




    Quote Originally Posted by jamann View Post
    For wheel weight ,automotive wheel weights stick on the inside of the rim
    Try to balance the wheels as best you can before sticking them as in dry fitting them with some you issues later.To reduce the rear sag I used dbl orange springs(stock on the front) in the rear as well.I'm running 80 weight oil all around.... I don't know if that makes a difference or not.
    I am running a tekin rx8 and a xerun 2000 kv sensored motor.In hi gear It's stupid quick on 4s.
    for this truck it's too much when setup For crawling
    It crawls just fine,but that much power on tap is hard to resist at
    If you are just crawling mostly the dewalt is a good option cheap waterproof runs fine off the evx
    I ran mine on a MMP.i may pull the brushless out going to run it for a bit and see how it does climbing

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    A quick, simple and easy way to add weight (and the ability to

    quickly adjust them) to the front of your summit.

    drill two small holes into the axle carriers, taking care not to hit the center axle nor

    the arm screws.

    make weighted metal plates, drill holes into them to match the holes in the axle carrires.


    screw the plates onto the axle carriers

    You can stack the plates up or use different thickness plates to get the weight you desire.

    Easy to change weights (or remove them for bashing) and since the weight is not on the

    wheel there is no need to balance the wheels. Just be certain the left weight matches the

    right weight. Also beware that the axle carries are slighlty curved, anticipate and adapt.

    Use long screws for a secure hold.

    I cannot take credit for this, saw the original on RC Crawler by a member named "MonsterZ".

    I just embellished the concept and added some hot sauce.[/QUOTE]

    Quote Originally Posted by happymachinist View Post
    The truck looked goofy with just beadlocks on the front so a set of lighter aluminum beadlocks was made for the rear that tip the scale at 1.6 oz.

    We fastened these rings to our Geodes using 2.5 mm x 20mm long stainless SHCS although stainless cap screws are weaker then black oxide they have held up so far considering they are decorative more than anything.

    The ol Summit is startin to look pretty tough with the new body and powdercoated beadlocks.

    just more good FAQ fodder
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