Here's my problem, for some odd reason my Rally keeps overheating and i cant figure out why. I have the stock setup with the slipper, and upgraded to the diff and still gets very hot. I added the link so that the sensor starts warning but it is off a few degrees. i do give it the heat gun and it is in the 160- 180 range after a 10ish minute run. Using stock spur/gear I do run it on the track so i made some mods. I had to replace the front bumper to a slash one and lifted the body some as well as cut the body to make the bumper fit. It almost seems that there is not enough air flowing. When i remove it from the track, i can feel the heat. Lets see i am using my blitz tires with beams for the clay and for some reason i cannot keep a steady throttle on it. I do feather the throttle a lot on the runs so i don't know if that is the problem. Any ideas? i am thinking of using a truck body on it now.... You don't think that the problem is I have the green body do you?