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    Lipo charger standby ???

    Just bought a traxxas Vxl today. Went to charge the lipo w/ the supplied charger & ran into a problem. When i plug charger model 2935 into wall, the indicator lights for cells 1 & 2 don't light @ all. The light for cell 3 is mostly green w/ a faint red light flashing behind it. The sticker on the top of the charger itself says this indicates "standby". What does this mean? What do I do?

    (Yes, I plugged the charger into the wall before trying to connect the battery)

    I called Traxxas support. They are sending me a replacement charger...but it won't get here for about 2 weeks. Unacceptable!!! I spent a lot of $ today on this RC. I want to run it. Can anyone help?

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    I don't think anyone here can repair your broken stock charger.
    But since you would sooner rather than later replace it with a (much) more capable charger, I'd suggest you cut to the chase and do so immediately. Traxxas makes a decent on in their EZ-Peak Plus 6-Amp charger. If you wish to hear about other charger recommendations, you'll have to ask in the Traxxas Alley since this subforum is dedicated to Traxxas-brand chargers only.
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