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    Question 3000mah 8.4v NiMH Battery Pack in MERV VXL?

    I posted this question in a thread in the MERV section, but figured I'd get better answers in this sub.

    I'm thinking of opening the NiMH pack I got with my ERBE and modifying it to work with the MERV VXL. Basically, split the NiMH battery pack into two packs to be housed in both of the MERV's battery compartments. There look to be 7 smaller CR123 type NiMH batteries within the pack, and as long as the connections remain the same and I resolder the wires the same way just adding more wire length in order to get the pack split with 4 of the batteries in one compartment, and 3 of them in the other. If I can do this, the net result would be a much longer runtime, 3000mah vs 1200, and a slight bump on voltage giving me a bit of a performance boost, all at no additional cost. Also, I have two of these packs I could do this to.

    Any significant risk in doing this? Anyone tried something like this before?
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    As long as you are capable of soldering cells, you should be fine.... if they fit.
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    Make sure they are soldered good.

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    Posting the same question in multiple forums is considered spamming. Therefore this one is closed.
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