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    Question Gluing bandit tire HELP!!!

    Hey everybody I really need help on how to glue my stock bandit wheels to 2.2 pro line dirt hawgs which are suppose to fit. I have glued and allowed to dry for 24 hours and they keep coming unattached. Any suggestions on what I should do??? I know they should fit and even the hobby shop recommended them so whats the problem?

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    Did you clean the rims and tires?

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    look it up on youtube, watch a few videos and get a general idea of what you need to do and what you're trying to accomplish. Gluing wheels is actually a fairly detailed process, and if you don't do it right, especially if using a brushless system, your wheels will come unglued.

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    Here is a good video on glueing RC tires. The video is for SC style tires, but the concepts of prepping the tires is the same for any tires.
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