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    going to start a rusty build

    bought a chassis and some odds and end parts for a rustler here from a member. so going to star a build here sometime soon. going for more of a street rig wanting to put a castle system in it an have it sit low. will be a while got another build on a stampede I'm almost done with them ill start on the rustler
    what good tires do you guys like that stick. was thinking of going with either the anacondas or maybe xo-1 tires and wheels I know ill have to have hex for the xo wheels

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    For street Rustler rigs I've heard the xo-1 tires work great, plus they look cool. If you're considering the Anacondas I'd look more towards a Proline or J-Concepts onroad wheel, in my experience anything Proline or J-Concepts has far more traction than any Traxxas tire. Traxxas tires are more for looks than anything, and since it has "Traxxas" stamped on it they can charge you twice what it's worth..

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    Funny, my anacondas that I've run on my street Rusty usually had loads of traction once they got some heat in them. They gripped like mad to the point that throttle control was critical to keep from flipping the truck backwards when launching from a stop. My biggest issue is they balloon like a top fuel drag slick running full throttle on 3s power.
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    Check out the GRP Gandinis. Steel belted and wear really well. They have them in a couple diffetent compounds. I have the middle grade compound and they stick really good. And the prices on them seem to be pretty reasonable now. Also, have heard a lot of great things about JConcepts glocs.

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