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    Homemade Telemetry proyect.

    Hi Im doing a proyect that is doing the telemetry for a Revo 3.3 and I have doubts. Im not doing it with the traxxas TQi. What Im trying to do is to do it in a more cheaper way using the sensors of traxxas and microcontroler from PIC or any and a wireless module so then I can show it on a Display.

    The thing that I dont know what information does the RMP sensors sends to the receiver if its analog or digital(the same with the temperature sensor)

    Then how does it measure the speed with RPM sensor. Its a math calculation? Does it have any relation between rpm and some gear?

    If you could answer both question I would be very pleased
    Thank you very much.

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    All I'm going to say is guessing. Although I have temp and rpm sensors in my Revo, I didn't using Oscilloscope to monitor any of them at working state.
    I think all sensors are sending analog signal, because I dont believe they have ADC integrated. However,temp sensor outputs a continuous voltage curve since it has a resistance of which value changes with temp. And rpm sensor is sending a series voltage peaks because it has a hole effect sensor and everytime the magnet on flywheel passes will trigger a current.
    Those analog signals are sampled by ADC and processed in the tqi receiver. Tqi system is digital and it would be simpler to design in this way, since in our days, micro-controller is cheap.

    so rpm sensor output the rpm of flywheel, and by using specified gear ratio (varies for different model and stored in tqi database, however doesn't work correctly if you changed any gear or wheels in a diffrent size), you can calculate the speed.
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    Are there any battery level indicators for the receiver that bolt on or could be added without using telemetry?

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