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Thread: Shocks!!!

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    Cool Shocks!!!

    Okay so I know there has been a lot about this topic and I've read a lot but I just want to get everyones

    Mt two front shock shafts are bent so I want to get aftermarket ones.

    From what I've gathered I have 3 options

    1. Integy Piggy Back Shocks: around $30 assembled for 2
    2. GPM preassembled: around $17 for 2
    3. Hot Racing Shock Body plus tin shaft and internals ($9 for 2) (tin shaft 10 for 4)
    (Hot Racing also sells piggy back option with aluminum caps) about $14 for 2)

    So total cost is
    1. Integy complete set of 4 for $60
    2. GPM complete set of 4 for $34
    3. HR complete set of 4 piggy back $42

    My question is which of these is the BEST and what is everyones experience with them all.
    The GPM look the cheapest but don't have a piggy back option which I really like the look of.
    The Integy are quite expensive but look great, unsure about performance.
    I've heard great things about the HR and by piecing them together you get the tin traxxas
    shafts and can choose to add the piggy back top.

    If you guys have pics of your setups or any other suggestions I would really appreciate it !

    Thank you so much!

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    Definitely the Hot Racing.
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