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    5000mah battery life of 15-20 minutes?

    On my VXL w/ stock gearing ratio (both 48P and 32P gearing) I'm only able to squeeze about 15, 20 minutes tops out of my 5000 mah 7-cell NiMH batteries. Granted, I'm doing a ton of full throttle stops and starts -- due to the size of the lot I drive in I'm never running at speed for more than a few seconds before I have to slow down and turn around. But prior to purchasing the batteries people were saying they were able to get 30-45 minutes off of their batteries.

    Is it my driving style, or did I get a bum set of batteries?

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    it will take a few cycles to get them to full capacity. It is the speed that drains them fast. I get about 45 min on my summit in low gear but if i keep it in high gear ill be lucky to get 20 min

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    Quote Originally Posted by FTFTWW View Post
    But prior to purchasing the batteries people were saying they were able to get 30-45 minutes off of their batteries.
    Are you sure they weren't talking about lipo's? I expect 40 minute run times out of lipo's, not nimh's
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    Yeah Id expect that out of lipos, but not a nimh. Maybe 25 mins is in order if youre not really floggin it.
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    I have two 3500 NIMH and i get about 45 minutes of fun, if i drive real hard maybe 30 but thats going threw both batteries. nimh dont last all that long.

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    On my 2 month old 7 cell 5000mah nimh batteries, I was getting anywhere from 20 - 30min out of a battery on 25/83 gearing on my VXL. mainly just spinning tires and doing some curb jumps. With 28/83 gearing, I got 10 min out of it before it started to cog really bad and couldn't get threw thin grass.

    On a 2s lipo 5000mah 25c 30c burst rate, I was getting around 25 - 30min out of it on 28/83 gearing. With 25/83 it was around 30+min.

    gear low, the battery will last a long time, I had it geard 1 time with 21/90 and got 40 min out of my Rustler on the 7 cell battery.

    Want speed and run times, I suggest running lipo, 2s lipo will be the same speed, but much faster acceleration and run time.

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