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    Possiblly a 1/5th scale?

    I just saw this and it sounds cool but hopefully its a platform that could be used for something other than drag racing.

    File this one deep in the rumor mill drawer, but we have started hearing some rumblings about a possible new 1/5th scale coming from Traxxas! This is one of those brothers, uncle’s, roomate’s cat sort of deals, but the last time we reported a Lowered Slash Traxxas Rumor we got a LCG chassis a few months later, and the one before that we heard about a dragster with a timing system…. just saying..
    To add some even more crazy to the rumor, we heard something along the lines of a dragster/funny car! I could believe a 5th scale.. but a 5th scale funny car? While there would be a few people that would LOVE it.. because I know a handful of people who actually run large scale drag racing.. I’d have to think that is not where the big sales numbers are at.

    Take it for what it’s worth.. just a rumor.. any takers on this one? Comments are open.. lets hear em!
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    1/5 funny car = bad idea!

    Needs to be 1/5 electric, short course or baja style... Or 1/5 E-Revo... Or 1/5 gas buggy...
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    I've seen posts over time asking for a 1/5th scale revo, or maxx type truck. I would love to see that, but I think if they build anything 1/5th scale it would be more of a short course truck. I'd be down for anything BIG, and FOUR WHEEL DRIVE!!
    Also, gas, or electric, doesn't matter.... sign me up.
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